Welcome!!! Ocean Partners leads the way  in engineering and services for jack up environments. We combine experienced project engineering and design teams with a large rapid call-off inventory to solve our client's operating challenges with extraordinary peace.


Working across the life of the asset, from pre-drilling to decommissioning, Ocean Partners's mission is simple: To give to the clients the most responsive service possible in Offshore fields. 


The Most Dynamic Offshore Engineering Company



OceanPartners provide a range   of   Structural Design Services and 2D / 3D AutoCad engineering services using Building Information Moduling - BIM Technology as well 3D scanning for reverse engineering, quality inspection, design, prototyping, digital restoration and archiving, visualization, and analysis. [read more]




OceanPartners Rig crews erect and outfit Derricks all over the world.  We work for shipyards,  Main Drilling Contractors, Derrick manufacturers, and Operators in any location. .[read more]



OceanPartners can supply a range of subsea template structures to  protect a variety of subsea equipment like wellheads and manifolds.   These can be overtrawlable and withstand trawl and  dropped object loadings in line with standards specified by the likes of Norsok U-001 and ISO 13628.. [read more]



In Our Partner's Facilities located in Great Yarmouth in the UK from where we carry out a range of fabrication projects ranging from general fabrication such as Deck Extensions,  Sub Sea Templates   and   Pipe   work   to specialist fabrication such as   Drilling Derrick, Masts & Substructures and Rig Modification Kits. [read more]


A OceanPartners tieback engineer

OP. has performed more than 700 tiebacks around the world and our understanding of the process is second to none....[read more]


Wellhead services

From proprietary wellhead systems to cost-effective maintenance programs - OP. offers fast, cost effective wellhead services...[read more]